Drum and Bugle Corps Des Moines Iowa

Make DSM Loud Drum and Bugle Corps Des Moines Iowa is looking for musicians (both non-professional and professional, non-recent experienced to recent experienced) who are interested in having fun and performing for a LIVE audience (no more playing in the garage). This is for people who want to play again while still having a career and family.

We’re looking for:
Marching Brass (trumpets, mellophones, baritones, tubas, trombones, french horns, etc.)
Marching Percussion (snares, tenors, basses, cymbals)
Electric guitars
Electric basses
Drum Sets
Any other instruments that the members want to play

If interested in being at the beginning of a great experience in Des Moines, IA,
contact Joe Kempenich at: dsm@musicgonemad.com