About Us

Make DSM Loud Drum and Bugle Corps, formerly known as World Gone Mad, was formed in 2006 by the Reynolds’ and Mr. Biscuit to give hobbyist musicians the opportunity to perform for the public while allowing them to still have an outside life. Make DSM Loud Rock & Roll Drum Corps, a fixture in the Austin, TX music hobbyist scene, is now expanding to Des Moines, IA!

Make DSM Loud was designed with the hobbyist musician in mind:

  • No musical drama
  • Only 2 to 3 rehearsals or performances a month
  • Play heavy “metal” songs from the 60’s and beyond (nothing sounds better than having a large brass line playing music such as Freebird, Crazy Train, and Detroit Rock City)
  • Members age 18 and over accepted (with members younger than 18 being accepted with their parents)
  • Recent playing is not necessary; members have joined after breaks of 10 or more years.
  • No music memorization
  • No marching
  • Travel limited to events that are fun

Make DSM Loud has performed at:

  • Newton Fest 2016.07
  • Monroe Old Settlers Celebration Festival 2016.08
  • Newton Fest 2017.07
  • Des Monies Farmers Market 2017.07
  • Des Monies Farmers Market 2017.09
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